BMX is an excellent individual and family orientated sport. Races are organized into girls classes and boys classes, then subdivided into age groups and skill levels. The age groups range from 5 & under classes to 36 & older. Within these age groups are three skill levels: Novice, Intermediate and Expert. All riders start as Novices and must work up to the more advanced levels by winning races. A Novice must move up to the Intermediate class after they have 6 wins in the Novice class. An Intermediate must move up to the Expert class after they have 25 wins as an Intermediate. There is also competition in the Cruiser class for boys and girls. The age groups for the Cruiser class are 8 & under to 56 & older.

How Much Will It Cost?
You can obtain a thirty day trial membership for $25.  A trial membership is good only at the track where purchased.  During the thirty day trial, you can upgrade to full membership for only $25 more.  If you would like to skip the trial membership, you may purchase a full membership for $45, that's a savings of $5 over the trial membership with the conversion cost.  The full membership is good one year from the date of purchase.  Once you have your full membership, points will be awarded to you at each race and you may compete in any ABA sanctioned event.  You can get family discounts when signing up additional family members. 

What Does My Bike Need to Be Track Ready?
1. Fenders, kickstands, reflectors, pegs and chain guard must be removed
2. Handle bars must have a cover over the metal end of the bars
3. Frame must be in good condition with no cracks
4. Wheel cannot exceed 20 inches (unless cruiser class racer)
5. Handle bars cannot exceed 28 inches
6. Brakes must be in good condition

What Type of Clothing Do I Need?
1. Long pants (racing pants are not mandatory)
2. Long sleeve shirt
3. Full-face helmet with chin strap
4. Closed toe sneaker like a skate shoe.

What Do I Do When I Arrive?
The first thing you need to do is come to the sign-up / registration building. It is there that you'll fill out an ABA application and/or waiver. 

Next we recommend that you closely watch the riders go around the track. Pay attention to their body motion over jumps (using arms and legs as shock absorbers) and note where riders are pedaling and when they are coasting. Take it slow on your first few laps. Remember, you are brand new to this and those fast, expert racers started off just like you. Take time to learn the track - know which obstacles are coming up and how to take it smoothly. Often, the difference in the beginner class is who is smoothest around the course rather than quickest

The Starting Gate
When your ready to start riding you will need to take your bike up to the starting hill.  Again we recommend that you spend a few moments watching the other riders and how they use the gate.  It is very important that you wait until the gate is all the way in the up position before advancing forward to set up your bike.  If you have any questions or concerns before starting please speak to the gate operator and they will be happy to assist you.

Obviously, the more you ride your bike, the better you will get. That old saying "Practice makes perfect" stands true in the world of BMX racing. Check our schedule for practice times and come out as often as you can.

Throughout the year, Oldsmar BMX offers Beginner Riding Clinics.  Attending a clinic is one of the best ways to learn how to get better in BMX. Clinic dates and time are always posted on our web site as well as announced at the track.
Getting started in BMX is easy and we have put this page together in order to help familiarize you with the sport as well as get you ready for the track.

What is BMX?
BMX or Bicycle Motocross is a sport where riders of all ages use manual power to maneuver a bike over jumps, banked corners and other obstacles.  BMX was created by kids but it's becoming popular with older racers as well.  Unlike most sports, BMX racing depends 100% on your performance, not the combined performance of a team, or team effort.  Riders compete in classes, and will remain with that class until he/she has a birthday or he/she progresses by first place wins.

BMX Racing Facts
Statistics have proven that BMX racing is one of the safest of all sports today. Part of this is due to the mandatory safety requirements. All Riders MUST wear long sleeves, long pants and a full-face helmet.

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